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Kermit B. | May 11, 2021


The boat is perfect for our family, with plenty of extra seating for our friends. The surf features are so easy to use, and the wave is phenomenal. We always get compliments on our boat!

Dan U. | May 24, 2021

Great Boat!

The ATX 22 Type S is a great boat. Fit, finish and performance are fantastic. Our family has enjoyed our boat immensely.

Travis M. | June 28, 2021

Great Boat

Great boat and has been extremely fun and functional for our family.

Gavin E. | May 10, 2022

Love the ATX

Super stoked to be a part of the ATX / Tige Family. When I was considering a new boat for my family, ATX by far became the winner. Overall performance, quality and price point worked great for us.

Tom K. | January 5, 2022

Best Bang For My Buck

My ATX 20 Type S exceeded all expectations. So much room and storage in a 20' boat. The ATX GO Surf system has to be the best in the business.... very intuitive and simple to use and adjust on the fly. Best surf wake for any 20' boat in the market at an unbeatable price.

Gustavo Ledezema | March 29, 2021

Best boat on the water

My ATX 22 Type-S is an absolute head turner perfect right off the showroom floor from interior to sound system to massive wake for surfing. So glad I picked the 22 Type-S for my family.

Michael Inglesby | April 12, 2021

Buy it, you won't be disappointed!!!!

This ATX boat has accomplished something I thought previously and based on other boating experiences, was has exceeded my expectations in every way. Buy, ride it, love it!

Tyler Wells | February 27, 2021

ATX 24 Type-S

Love the boat and all its features. Runs and handles strong. A great boat has all the features you could ask for.

Scott W. | August 31, 2020

Perfect Boat

I have had many boats and this one is by far head and shoulders above the others. Not only do they look good, work good and have lots of power. They can be loaded up with options and still slay the competition on price. This a solid boat and my best purchase.

Charles Z. | June 6, 2020

ATX 24 Type-S

I looked at every other boat in this category and nothing comes close in my opinion. I went with raptor 350 hp and it’s more than enough with ballast full and boat full of adults. Staff at Eagle Marine is phenomenal. Hadden, Daryl, Kandi, Colton, and Kyle have been great to work with and I would recommend this dealer if you’re in Ft Worth area. This boat throws a wake that can be easily surfed 15+ ft back. Easy to set up and just go! I wouldn’t change anything. Recommend all lengths in ATX.

Mike M. | June 16, 2020

Exactly what I was looking for

I purchased my ATX 22 from Beck’s Boats and highly recommend them. The ATX is perfect for us in terms of combining quality, function, and performance. We like the ATX styling and comfort as well. Very happy with my purchase!

Chris O. | April 3, 2020

WOW! Way more awesome than I even expected

While we only have a few hours on our new ATX, we could not be more excited. To start, the looks are just incredible. While we thought about designing our own theme of colors, we could not be more happy with the Shadow special edition. We had compliments on the boat at the ramps before we even got it in the water the first time. The performance of our ATX meets or exceeds the beauty of the boat and if you take it on the water, you probably will be taking it home. So impressed.

Payton S. | June 12, 2020

Love it

Was looking into getting an axis. So happy we stoped by West Texas Power Sports. We worked with Tony. He was very negligible with boats! He did show us a used axis then took us to the factory to see the new ATX! That is when we decided to go ATX. We custom build it. Absolutely amazing customer service! We are so happy to be apart of the ATX family!

Kevin H. | June 15, 2020

Performance surpassing the pricetag!!!

ATX has really hit the mark with their 22typeS and 24typeS. Taps3T makes it easy to set up killer surf waves. Solid construction. High end quality and performance at a reasonable price. Love the tower on these boats. Solid!!

Michael F. | June 19, 2020

Best purchase for family fun ever!!!

A boat purchase was not on the radar until the Summer of 2020. I was convinced to lean towards a new boat for the warranty, latest features and technology available. The ATX 24 Type-S was the best choice for our budget and family. With a 18 person capacity, we have been able to been able to invite a few close friends out on the water and still have more than enough space to spread out. Best purchase for family fun by far. Thank you ATX Surf Boats and Luxury Sport Marine.

Douglas P. | May 18, 2020

Great Surf Boat

We purchased the 22 ATX new this year and based on using it for 70 hours our experience has been outstanding. We have been using the boat to surf and wakeboard and the wave/wake has been great allowing us to do everything we wanted. The GO screen has been easy to use/simple but does everything we need.

Greg L. | October 13, 2020

Best Purchase I have ever made!

I can't say enough about ATX Boats. The performance is amazing. The wave is outstanding. Everything works exactly as it is supposed to. The Go Screen makes using this boat effortless. The 440 Indmar Raptor engine is all the power I could want and more. The Taps 3T system is incredible. Steering wheel controls are so convenient and keep my eyes on what is going on around me instead of the touch screen. Dash is low, visibility is high. Transom seats are a hit with all. ATX RULES!

Justin M. | September 19, 2020

This boat sacrifices nothing!!

I love this boat. Hands down. Comparing it to other boats on the market, it's an absolute STEAL at this price point. It handles like a dream, even in rough/choppy waters. Has plenty of power to do whatever you want, and gets there in style! I have yet to pull up next to any other boats and someone not say something about how sharp it is. My neighbor is trying to trade his Monterrey Surf in now on an ATX.


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